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Default Re: Am I just a prude???

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
My daughter wears a tankini, only because it's a pain in the butt to go to the potty with a one piece, AND the suit will last two summers. :0)

I don't like seeing little girls in skimpy suits, or bikini's. For me, it sets a precedant. If I let her wear one when she's seven, then she wont get it that it's not allowed once she *matures*. I feel the same about short shorts and skirts, and sometimes with spagetti strap shirts...I'm old school though, and I'm fully prepared to admit that I am very old fashioned!!

It SUCKS trying to find shorts for girls though. They are all made super short now.
My girls are only two and still in diapers but they also wear tankinis just because it is easier to deal with the diapers.
I seriously cry when I look at some girls' clothing departments, what happened to lil girls being lil girls?
I am just here for supplies, leave the drama at the front door...
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