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Default Re: Am I just a prude???

Originally Posted by doggie View Post
No girls here but what do you all think about bathing suits. Im not keen on 2 pieces (age up to 16) to where some moms think they are cute. Old school here.

My daughter wears a tankini, only because it's a pain in the butt to go to the potty with a one piece, AND the suit will last two summers. :0)

I don't like seeing little girls in skimpy suits, or bikini's. For me, it sets a precedant. If I let her wear one when she's seven, then she wont get it that it's not allowed once she *matures*. I feel the same about short shorts and skirts, and sometimes with spagetti strap shirts...I'm old school though, and I'm fully prepared to admit that I am very old fashioned!!

It SUCKS trying to find shorts for girls though. They are all made super short now.
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