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Default Re: Am I just a prude???

Originally Posted by ydelaney View Post
I see this more and more and while I do agree it is cute....I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever let my 3 year wear this as a top. I just don't think little girls need to wear anything that is see through as a top. I understand that I make tutus and tutu dresses and that would be considered see through but the tutus I make are longer so you don't see their bottoms and if you do then they have bloomers on. The dresses I make are very full and I can't see through the top of it. So am I just being a prude? Do you think it's ok to have pictures of your DD in a see through top? Not trying to start anything here just curious about what others feel... and yes I too think all of her tutus are great
I 100% agree with you! I wouldn't put my 19mos old twin daughter in ANYTHING remotely see thru, sorry for the language but we live in a effed up world! I don't like tutu dresses that have that crocheted head band thingee top to cover their chest, it's not lined! you can see right thru it plus tutu dresses that you can still see their little chests are just all wrong in my book and not pretty at all, such a waste to have all that tulle on the bottom and nothing covering the top.
SO YOU ARE NOT PRUDE! so you know, because I feel the same way.
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