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Default Re: Would You Use This Pic?????

Originally Posted by mysweetbowtique View Post
My Pics from this photog are usually great first one she sends i love, she usually uses her baby i sent her some newsboys and she used her older girl and the pics themselves are great but her DD looks so miserable i think i am just going to ask her to retake them i feel annoying but i dont think i can use these what is your opionion! As well does the brim on the grey one look funny or is it just me?

I attached some of her great ones with her baby!

The baby is SUPER CUTE! however her daugher in the newboy looks annoyed and upset. The picture quality itself is AMAZING! but she doesn't look to happy, people are subconciously going to think that the hat is making her miserable & you don't want to have that sort of conotation about your awesome hat!

If you're paying I'd say have her re-do them, she should have in essence never sent it to begin with.
That's just my two cents, but the baby is sooooo freaking cute!
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