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Default Re: Don't be jealous cuz my dad's the BOMB DIGGITY!

Originally Posted by 3girlsbowtique View Post
Just wanted you to know that while the baby napped on Father's Day (0f all days) my hubby lined clips for me while I made bows! This is the best gadget I have bought so far! (And I didn't even have to throw away the ones he did!) A MIRACLE!!! I love this product!
Wow, never thought of having my husband help. Good idea! Glad you like it.

Originally Posted by tabbi0120 View Post
im glad my little idea is helping everyone, and that i shared it for free the way your dad did these i may have to order one later if hes still selling them! if anyone wants to know how to work it you can lead them to my original post where i explain it...its used the same way concept just made out of different materials. just type in clip liner helper in the search part and itll pop up
Yes thank you! Smart minded woman! I just wanted my Tata to make me something I can use (never had intentions of selling) but once he blew me away with his version of the assistant I couldn't NOT pass it to my girls on here.

Ladies, I just posted the clip liner on my website. I didn't have a chance to take any pictures yet but if you've seen the pictures on here and are still interested I have a few listed on my website for now. Don't remember exactly how many my Tata brought home so I know I have 5 for sure, but I'll check when I get home and update my inventory quantity. Here's the link:
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