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Default Re: Whiting out backgrounds?!?!?!?!?

here are the step for what I do in Irfanview

Download Irfanview

Click “file”
Click “open” and choose a picture from your computer, works best with one taken on a white background.

You may then need to zoom in or out to see your picture.

Click Edit, then “show Paint Dialog”

You should now see the box on the side

Click the eraser icon and adjust the pixel width. I like to start with it big and erase the bulk of the background first

Then I zoom in and reduce the width (px) and get closer to the edge

Then I zoom in closer and reduce the width even more and get right up to the edge

I zoom in and out to see what it looks like.

When you are satisfied, click “file” and “save as” and save to your computer.

If anyone has a better way to do it, I am all for it!!! I am no computer wiz and just kind of made this up through trial and error!

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