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Originally Posted by alteredhope View Post
In my opinion, I think the water mark as it is, is a bit much. On my digital sheets that I've done, I have either did a diagonal line, or wrote my name diagonally, not just on individual designs.

I would take a look at digital sheets on Etsy, and see how some of the sellers do theirs.

I think the way that you have it now, takes away from the design -- and the buyers eyes will be too occupied with trying to read the watermark, that they will not see what you are trying to sell.

Sorry, I've just been putting watermarks on my things -- for like 4 years now. I have to put it on web design layouts and business cards etc that I have one.
thank you! and don't apologize i wouldn't have asked if i didn't want to know ...i will do another

oh and good idea about looking at the ones on etsy
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