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Default Re: Wood burners... is there special one to get?

I never used a lighter. I got some bows as a gift from a friend once and decided to try making them on my own. I had no instructions, so I took the gift bows apart and basically copied! lol When I noticed the ribbon ends fraying I realized I needed to seal them and I HATE lighters. I can't control them, the heat is so close to your fingers, and they only start half the time. I had a wood burner in my craft box from years ago that I really never used and figured I'd try it! It was just the $10 one from WM. I would never, ever switch to lighters! You have so much control with the wood burner. You can get the tip right down into the v cuts. I also love it for if I have a little extra glue ooze out---I just hold the tip over the glue and then clean it off. With the burner I can do this even if the glue is down between layers of ribbon. You definitely wouldn't want to try that with a lighter!! You will not regret this purchase!!
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