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Default Re: ANOTHER starch question

Yeah I did, it did not come out well. I used cornstarch, so maybe potato starch would work better.

I tried it both half the strength of a recipe found here somewhere, and even less than that, maybe 1/10 or so, and the 1/2 was waaay too much still. I added a lot of water until it was diluted, and even then on colored ribbon it showed up as white marks, sort of like when you get deodorant on your shirt.

It didn't show up on white but that didn't help. I found a brand called Earth Friendly that makes cornstarch laundry starch but have not been able to locate who sells it. Whole Foods was supposed to get back to me and see if they could order it but never heard from them.

WM sells it online in a 4 pack but I do not want to buy that much if I am just testing it.

I'm considering getting potato starch to see how that turns out. I used just plain water on my korkers and they kept their shape but I have yet to be able to make the korkers I see that have no spaces between the curls.
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