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Default Hairband and bobby pin ideas?

I have given in to the fact that my daughter refuses to wear hair bows. She always reaches for the hairbands and hates having girly girl bows in her hair. She is a tomboy with gorgeous red curly hair and I would love to pin it back with something a little more rugged and mature looking. She loves natural colors and anything grown up looking (did I mention that she is 5!). Browns and natural colors look awesome on her so I would like to make some bobby pins and metal headbands for her. I have some metal headbands, plastic headbands, and bobby pins coming to me. I would love to make some bobby pins for myself that are not so girly girl as well.

So, besides singed flowers (I already have some ideas for those) what can I make? I need things not too girly, not too big, and more organic in feeling. Any ideas?

Thank you guys for your help! This forum has been a wealth of information for me!
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