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Smile Yep, another bottlecap question thread...

OK, so I want to try my first bottlecaps...I've got some questions. I'm at square one, so this is my first big question: I'm assuming we can't use the images from the clothing manufacturers...i.e. use Gymboree's pictures of their clothes' details as bottlecap that correct? If not, I just spent several hours drawing images by hand/computer for nothing LOL Anyone know for sure?

Anyway. I printed it, punched it out (my 1" punch is a little bigger I guess cause the image sticks out a bit over the edge, not sure what to do about that. Anyone else have that problem?

So, now I need to seal it, then glaze it, right? Then attach it...these are a lot of work, huh, and I have a feeling it takes a lot to get them right! So, I'd love to hear what work/what doesn't...any tips you might have...I know this info is in threads somewhere, so I can do my homework, but if you feel so inclined, I'd love to hear you weigh in.

Thanks as always....

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