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Default Re: ice cream cone help

Not sure whose instructions you purchased but what I do it push the knot up with my finger from the back to make it round then wrap one end of the ribbon around and around and glue it down on the back and do the same to the other

ETA pics

Work from the roll of ribbon

nice big loop to start (im using 7/8")

nice point and even on the knot before tightening it

use the pressure of your index finger to keep the nice even shape and to make it round

after you make that round, cut off leaving about 1-2" of extra ribbon so you have plenty for the next step

turn it over and twist and fold the twist over the back of the knot

very hot hot hot hot melt glue between the part you twisted and the back of the knot (my glue gun melts at 380 degrees F) then cut off and heat seal. You might have to hold it there a bit til the glue cools or it will pop right back up. Also, if your glue isnt hot enough it will pop back up

twist the other side and fold over as before behind the knot

glue between the first twist and the new twist

Cut excess ribbon and heat seal

Voila, FINISHED icecream scoop

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