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Default Re: Has Anyone Ordered From...

You're right, I should not have said your store shouldn't be selling them like that. I apologize.

Even selling at consignment stores, craft shows, and garage sales, though, I wouldn't feel comfortable selling them as is. Once reattached though, they are lovely and I feel they are totally worth purchasing. And you're right, for .50 cents a headband, they are a great deal, even with doing a little "fix".

You were very nice when I pm'ed you about my concerns, your customer service is wonderful! I've been eyeing your ranunculous flowers on your zibbet site and I've been planning on purchasing from you again. You have lovely products! I'm sorry if I've reflected badly on your business. I only meant to share what I'd noticed about those headbands.

Originally Posted by Ishop2much View Post
Hi girls~
I felt I needed to chime in here for a sec since this thread is in regards to our store and our products. I can appreciate the fact that this board is for sharing ideas and experiences. I have come here myself several times for those precise reasons. In regards, to the sequin headbands, again, as referred to in this thread:

I just wanted to be clear, we are in no way deceitful or misrepresenting our products. And although, I can appreciate your opinion on what you think the quality may be and share with the group what your thoughts are, it is another to suggest what you think should be sold in our store.

I/we in good conscience sell these and we do sell lot of them. Other consumers intentions may be different from yours. Where they sell may also be different from your targeted market.

With that being said, I trust my consumers can come to their own conclusions as to if the product will be good for them. I also trust that my customers can determine that for $.50 per headband they are not getting the "Louis Vuitton" of headbands. If I purchased a Louis Vuitton handbag for less than $1000, I would especially doubt the quality and authenticity of the bag. You get what you pay for. The headbands are priced 12 for $6 and that is including a slight profit margin?!?!?!

Our customers' needs vary which is why we have wonderful return policy if they do not work for you. If your target market is Bloomingdale's, then of course, you may not be happy with the quality, (again $6 for 12). If your target market is consignment stores, craft shows, gargae sales etc than these are great for resell where the profit margins present themselves favorably.

That is why we sell them in our store.

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