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Originally Posted by boscokia View Post
Michelle, try selling them on I don't think bows do that well on e-bay unless you have sold them there for a long time. So many people are selling that it is overloaded.
I have girlie girl bow instructions. Do you have them too?
Thanks Shari,

I went to last night but seems complicated. Need more time to browse the site. Since it's free, I think I'll list there.

I don't have girlie girl bow instructions. I'd like to know if it's worth it. I love her loopy bows.

I noticed her auctions on eBay last year during BTS sale. The bows ar $18.99-$35 /pair. Now it's $12 above. I think maybe it's not BTS yet. Or maybe too many people sells on eBay so the price lowered.

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