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Default Re: I love you hobby lobby.. but really??

Yeah.. my niece had the nerve to come to my house wearing a bow she said she got at some dollar store.. IT was actually cute too... not great quality, but still cute.. and get this... BOUGHT it w/ her own money. WHAT??? She never buys anything from me.. Auntie always give it to her for FREE. AND she's constantly asking for new things. Next time I'm at her house I plan to get rid of the cheap ass dollar store bow I've seen her in about 3 times now! LOL.

Originally Posted by garfield615 View Post
Oh stop your happy that you have a Hobby Lobby!! LOL

But seriously though I noticed that more and more places are carrying bows, clips, and headbands. I went in to some kind of a dollar store in the mall and found all sorts of clippies including covered snap clips with bows set of 6, etc..all for just a buck!!!! Grrrrrr.......
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