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Default I love you hobby lobby.. but really??

So I was at HL on Saturday looking around (as much as I can w/ a 2 yr old and 11 yr old boys)... and HL is now carrying nice sewn burp cloths, bibs and matching minky blanets.. super cute I might add. I was like REALLY?? And my 11 yr old said really what mom? Who knew an 11 yr old boy would find it so enjoyable to ring the bell and ask the lady for 1/2 of this, 1 yd of that... lol. They also had a ton of flowers and clips and pins, which before I only noticed the kufi hats and bows.... Not great quality or anything. So.. I'm going to open a HG pool thingy... You guess the month and year HL is going to start offering custom bow orders and then you get all the money in the pot. They did get some new fabric and I love the new fall stuff they had.. AND do stores really start stocking fall in June?
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