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Default Re: E6000 didn't work for my dd's flip flops!!!! ????

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
I am in Texas so the heat is unreal! I did not let it "cure" a few mins before putting it on nor did I put glue on the ribbon. I will try these ideas on dd's to repair them and see how that goes. Thanks ladies!!

I'm in Texas too, in San Antonio where it gets in the 100's in the summer. E6000 will hold you just have to let it work right. You HAVE to let it cure, no longer than 2 min and then attach the pieces together.

Also curing and setting are 2 different things. Several ppl have been using cure when they mean setting. to let E6000 cure put it on both items to be glued together, in my case, the end of my ribbon I was wrapping with and the flip flop thong. I let it cure for 2 min, you want it to get a little sticky, then after you have assembled your flip flops you let them set for a minimum of 24 hours, I use alligator clips and clip everything after I've glued it. After 24 hours I take off the alligator clips and then they are wearable.


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