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Default Re: Please help me find a new lighter for my bottle caps

Originally Posted by brynneybelle View Post
Just had to tell you that after reading this thread, I went to Michael's today and bought an embossing heat tool for $25.00. I figured I could use it on the bottle caps and to make the singed flowers. Anyhow, I'm a believer!! I used it tonight on some resin projects I did and it is INCREDIBLE!! I will never go back to the lighters! I did learn quickly that you don't want to hold it to close to the surface because it will cause dry spots, but if you hold it up those bubbles disappear instantly!! After finishing the caps I decided to try a singed flower. I've only ever tried making them with a wood burner and have had absolutely NO luck. Well, I put on a heat proof glove to protect the hand holding the fabric. In less than 15 minutes I had a gorgeous little flower with 4 layers and a pearl center completely done! Definitely, definitely worth the money!!
I don't like the embossing gun for my bottle caps. I've tried it before. Then again mine was an older model. I definately might have to try it for the singed flowers though.
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