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Default Re: Need some advice? What do you recommend for a beginner?

I hv NBNG, the basic BBM, TW and among others.. For beginners, I like Karyn's concept: templates already there, placement (no guessing, eyeballing...I hate eyeballing stuff... etc etc). If I were a starter, I'd go with hers. If hers existed 4 yrs ago when I first started, I wouldn't hesitate buying both..

Granted, I don't hv Karyn's twisted boutique templates as I already know how to make that. I only suck in the basic bows

NBNG is very good and detailed too (can't deny that)..

Originally Posted by msgoode2u View Post
@ Cynthia...Get both? haha. Sounds just like something my sis would say.

Seems like both NBNG and BBM are great templates. What do you like best about each respectively cause I am definitely not going to by both template sets for her.
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