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Default Re: E6000 didn't work for my dd's flip flops!!!! ????

When I first started making flip flops I only put E6000 on the flip flops where the ends of the ribbon would be. I made a tester pair for myself before I could think of selling a pair to someone. Well within in a few uses the ribbon started to become loose along the straps, so dh suggested putting glue all along the straps. Now I put glue all along the straps sometimes on both sides if I see that I have to. I do use A LOT of glue when I make mine to be sure they will hold. I haven't had a problem with the other pairs I have made since. I also clip the ends let them set over night. I have also heard to let them sit for at least 48 hours before they are worn. If you are making them for customers I would suggest waiting 48 hours to be sure they set and so you won't have problems. I would also suggest telling customers to not get them wet nor to leave them in the sun. HTH
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