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Default Resin Drops Suck

I chuckle as I wrote this because if all the drama rama that when on a few months ago (it's a closed thread now, but read for some laughs). I, Chelsea Coburn, did in fact purchase the Resin Drops from Mary (sweet lily rose) and they unfortunately suck for me. Maybe it's the humidity here in Kentucky. But I haven't gotten them to work. My problem? They aren't sticking very well. You can see that they are sticking very well. It's like a bad tint job...all bubbly. I've tried everything from sitting on it, to clamping, putting in a Webster's Dictionary for 3 days and nada. Anyone else get some from this buy and have these problems? Even after 3 days my 5 year old daughter was able to pull it off like a magnet on a fridge. My heart sank.

So now I have a crap ton of these things. I use ET lite. If...IF I were to use these and put them side by side at the table people would think there's something wrong with them. I know ColeyCole is selling some and I have heard those are awesome. Frustrating how someone having "Resin Drops" specially made for her in China doesn't get a product it's cracked up to be, IMHO.

That being said...anyone want some?

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