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Default Re: Are the instructions for a funky loopy bow worth the $$?

Well maybe if I would have had a little TIME I would have written my OWN tutorial LOL. I don't mind sharing with anyone how I make something. Most of us can pretty much look at a pic and figure out how to make something (sometimes lol)

Originally Posted by ClarasMommy View Post
if you did that and sold would definitely NOT stay with only the people who purchased it because eventually someone will leak the info...i mean...we all know about richard nixon's tapes cause someone leaked it...right? and write one and give to me...i swear i'll keep the secrets safe...(give...not sell...) just about every tut you could want is somewhere for free...and it's totally sucky to rip off someone's original work (bow, tutu, etc) and write a tutorial for it and then sell the tut...

UNLESS...some crazy tutu maker has gone out of her way to prevent every member of a certain TOTALLY AWESOME forum from purchasing her products because she doesn't want anyone to know how to make it...if THAT should definitely puzzle out how to make her items and share the knowledge with the world!! ---i did this but decided to sell the tut rather than share for free because it took me like 3 days+ to put it all together...oh and i wrote it super detailed so someone who was new to making them could make a basic tutu...

and i'm so lazy when trying to do this sometimes so i just buy it...the first night i started making bows i spent like all night searching online for tuts and vids that were the end i bought my first tut on ebay and thought i would lose it during the 4 hours i waited for the writer to wake up, check her email, and send me the tut....

*point self* shut up, andrea!....*reply self* yes, ma'am!
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