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Default Re: Are the instructions for a funky loopy bow worth the $$?

If you really like the bow and want to learn how to make it then I would suggest searching youtube, blogs, ect. There are so many FREE tutorials out there I mean TONS!!!! It may not be professional looking, or have cute graphics/pics ect. but all that doesn't really matter to me as long as I learn how to do it. I have bought tuts in the past and later found out there were 20 different tuts on the same exact thing for free. What really gets me the most is when you post something YOU made on a forum that was completely original and then a few days later you see someone selling instructions on how to make the same thing. To me that is just wrong and a very unclassy thing to do. I have had this happen to me but I held my tongue and just let her do her thing. I know Karma is a b*tch and one day it will bite her in the a$$. Some people will do anything to make a profit and wont hesitate to stab another hg in the back, or anyone else.

WOW that totally got off the subject but I feel much better now that I finally got it off my chest.
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