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Originally Posted by bibbidibobbidi View Post
Hi and welcome to the board!
The best advice I would give you is to start with something simple and work upto the more complicated bows, read all the tutorials on here and then practice, practice, practice.
There are lots of different methods to make bows, some people use templates so don't, it takes a while to work out what works best for you. There's no right or wrong way.
Don't buy too much ribbon to begin with, it's easy to carried away but do buy good quality supplies they do make a difference.
Good luck!!
I second that! Welcome to the boards

I am just a beginner too, and I don't know how many bows I have undone just to do it again, but each one gets a bit better.

I can't seem to get my connection working very well, but the one I find the easiest so far is the one that you do the 'awareness ribbon' loop, and cross it a bit more so the ends of the ribbon are sticking out the sides, and bring the top of the loop to the center. Tie it off (wrap with thread or weave a needle in and out up through the middle and scrunch it, then wrap and tie) and you're done. I hope that makes sense! There is a tutorial on, the simple mini bow I think it's called, but it works with any size ribbon. I really wish my internet connection would behave! (charter, grrr!!)
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