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Default Re: Chinese Manufacturer Stealing Photos!

Originally Posted by bowmania View Post
Where do you think most of the ideas these companies are getting come from? When you post your pictures on a free board more then the picture is stolen! When someone works hrs to come up with a new design not only is the picture taken, but the whole idea is copied. As long as things are shared on a public forum this will continue. You have not and will not see any pictures of my daughters or grandchildren for their safety. Yes I grew up in a different generation where internet was not a way of life. We learned the hard way from a simple picture in the newspaper, which the newspaper was on line. A grown man stalked my family and tried to snatch one of the girls. We were lucky and he is behind bars. You do NOT know who is looking at your pictures! The information you share because they are friends is shocking, people not only post pictures but things like John has a ballgame this weekend he plays tball for the saints. All someone has to do is read all of your post and with in an hr he knows what state and town you live in, then it is very easy to find out where the ballgame is this weekend. Please think before you post on any open forum, you could be putting your childs life in danger! I know we have lived this nightmare for more then 8 yrs!
Wow that is scary. I won't use my girls on my website for the same reason I just don't feel comfortable with that. I also don't get people putting such detailed info on their lives out in public . I see people on facebook all the time posting that they are going on vacation and i have heard of people getting robbed that way not smart.
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