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Default Re: Help with my Canon PowerShot SX20

I had the sx10, but I sold it to my MIL almost a year ago, to upgrade to a rebel xs, so I'll try to help as best I can...

Do you have it on auto? Are you holding the button in before pressing it down (if that makes sense) so that it can focus? Do you look through the view finder, or do you look at the screen when you take your pictures? I can't remember for the life of me, b/c I've gotten used to the camera I have now, but is there focal points that light up when you're prepping your shot? If there are (I think there are), is your focal area on your subject? If it's not it could make your subject out of focus because it is being treated as a background. KWIM? Or is your problem only when you try to zoom in on something far away? If that's what it is, have you tried using a tripod, or something else that will help steady the shot, so that there isn't any camera shake?

Hope I've helped, some. LMK if there is anything else you want to know...I'll help ya the best I can.
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