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Default Re: Q: Making clips...

I partially line my clips. I like others, find them easier to put in the hair that way. As for the non slip is my take on first I was thinking of using the silicone I didn't like how it looked and it was a pain to put on the clip. Next I thought about the shelf liner...I couldn't find the kind with the nice "square" looking grid... and without that nice line to follow I just couldn't cut it straight and make it look "pretty" plus I had to glue it on...then I tried the sticky back craft foam and the Duck Hold-it tape...I still didn't really like the foam and while I liked the Hold It better than anything I had tried I happend to read it was Latex!!!! That really turned me off since I know there are people with latex allergies...I sure didn't want to be responsible for any bad reacations. So now I use the Clip Grips from No Bow No Go (no affilation here just a customer) they have no latex, they are already cut...just peel and stick. I don't put them on ahead of time, but I offer them at check out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it

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