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Default Re: Don't be jealous cuz my dad's the BOMB DIGGITY!

Originally Posted by MommytoAmerie View Post
this is amazing! your dad is awesome! are you selling these? how much?
My dad told me today that he ordered more material but I don't have them yet. I will be selling them on my website once I get them from him but it won't be at the same price because of all the time that does go into it.

Originally Posted by bitoffaithcreations View Post
Ok.. I have my clip lining assistant, but I am not exactly sure how to use it... do you lay the ribbon in there, then clip it so that it lines the inside, then glue further down the ribbon and unclip the clip and fold it over to the ribbon to cover the top, then cover the handle part?? Is that right?? Sorry, I am blonde and have worked today, so i am exhausted!!
Give me a day or two (unless someone else can do it too that has one) but I'll take a couple of pictures of me doing it. My husband is out of town right now but maybe I can get my older girl to snap some shots. Try looking at my pictures that I originally attached because I think it shows how to start with the ribbon and clip.

Originally Posted by MooGClips View Post
i got mine and it's awesome! great workmanship!

thank you so much!!
So glad you guys like it.

Again, any lady that got theirs and notices that their ribbon isn't fitting right in the groove, let me know and I can have my dad adjust it and we'll work out the shipping.
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