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Default Re: My Lifetime Tutorial Package

Originally Posted by tabbi0120 View Post
going to buy the package wed or thursday you can invoice me at [email protected] now if you want and ill pay then! thanks
actually, I would rather you send tieh $29 as a GIFT to [email protected]
Originally Posted by Kaipai7 View Post
How long is this offer for? Can you tell me what it is that you have tuts on?

at this time I have about 10 tutorials, making all different bows, surround loops, attaching pony os that are stationary and movable, ummm, shoot, I dont know there are a bunch and I am working on a BUNCH more......
Originally Posted by myztic View Post
for those that have already purchased your lifetime tutorial package.. when you release new tutorials do you email them to us? or do we get a special coupon code.. or how does it worK?
You will get notified and email me and I will send it to you. Since my site when down, some of the info is on there so I will post when I have new ones

Originally Posted by sylvial2000 View Post
This might be a dumb question: But how do I order?

Do you just invoice me, I pay and then you email me all of your tuts?

Or is there a website I can go to in order to purchase and then download off your site?

My brain is fried...Thanks!
You can send the $29 as a gift to [email protected] and I will send you the tutorials to your paypal email
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