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Default Re: About Rio doming Resin and Bottle Caps

[QUOTE=ThreeBlessingsBowtique;596114]Are you sealing your images with modge podge BEFORE resining them?

this is the ONLY thing I have gotten that worked, dries hard and domes high

Yup, I've tried the Mod Podge (MicroGlaze, Krylon Matte spray, cheap clear spray, varnish that I use in my acrylic painting) good photo paper cheap photo paper, regular printer paper, printing at home, Walmart, and other places like CVS and Staples...we don't have a Walgreens ...I've tried everything known to woman I think I'm just bottle cap challanged Actually I have not tried the Rio Doming Resin...I guess that will be the next thing I order...I hope that is not going to be sitting on my shelf with the growing collection of glazes and resins.
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