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Default Chinese Manufacturer Stealing Photos!

Last week, this thread came to my attention about a suspicious GB and stolen photos. I was looking through the manufacturer website and stopped dead in my tracks when my friend's daughter's photo popped on the screen. I told her about it immediately and she contacted the manufacturer and got her daughters picture pulled later that day. She blogged it here: http://www. momdot. com/my-daughters...and-used-in-ad

Well, I was going through all the photos then and they're ALL stolen. From websites like Kaiya Eve, Belle Ame, Etc. but also from blogs. Basically they Google Imaged "pettiskirts" and stole whatever came up. I spent two nights going through all the photos and checking them against google images. A lot the moms who I contacted got their daughter's photos removed but now they're just cropping off the heads and keeping the photos. They aren't their skirts and their skirts are probably AWFUL!

This is a cautionary tale. If you don't want your child's image or your photographs stolen, watermark them! And not in a tiny spot of the corner (like I am guilty of and so were some of the other moms whose photos were on the site... they just cut out that part) but blast it in the middle of your photo. And if you are using this manufacturer for your stores or GB's, I emplore you to stop. I would never want to support what they're doing.

I feel terrible for all the mom's whose children were posted on here and surely this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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