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Default Few questions

1)When you order flowers from halo heaven how do you go about putting then on clips? Do you just glue then on to a linned alligator clip?

2) How many diff sizes of korkers do you sell?

3) Where is a cheap place to get Double ruffle ribbon?? wanna use then for pony o's and toggle headbands.

4) fFor the loppy bows do you sell then as single or only sell them as a pair??

5) For single linned clips how much would you charge for a pack of 4?? Or should i just sell them single.

6) To line your alligator clips do you use 3/8 ribbon or 1/4 ribbon??

7) Do you non slip grip all your clips or just do it at check out if they want them??

8) For the Fabric flowers, what kinda clips do you put on them?

9) Where do you get the chains for your bottle cap necklases?

10) what is that wavy ribbon called mostly only seen it used to wrap around the wipe cases? Where can i get some cheap on line?

11) Where do you buy your socks for leg warmers, what size of socks do you use??


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