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Default Re: Q: Making clips...

Originally Posted by SnLMommy View Post
I used to fully line clips until this forum, LOL! Then, I read everyone was doing partial line, so I tried it and liked it way better. So, I've been doing them partial ever since. They do slide in better for my girls' hair.

I tend to use double prong for heavier, bigger bows, but that's just my preference.

I'm a Gripzies lover for the the non slip grip. They are relatively cheap, and I don't have to worry about cutting and gluing. I offer them for "free" by request, basically. i put them on my own clips for my girls though. They work great.
I tried a double prong the other day for the first time, thinking I would love them, but for me the sides were more visible than a single prong, and they were harder to line because the ribbon was *just* wide enough. I still have most of the pack I bought left, I will have to make a bow and see how much I notice the sides.

So is the price of your bows already factoring in the no-slip grip? Pricing is the one area I am still not sure of, I've been talking to someone about consigning my items and she wanted prices, I had to give her a rough estimate.

The cutting and gluing can be a pain (literally!), which is another reason I'd rather not use shelf liner. Something I can just peel and stick would be so much easier and faster.
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