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Default Re: clippies question..

I also line like the first pics, using E6000. But, I tuck the first section between the prongs, without glue, then spread glue on the rest of the ribbon length. Then, I wrap the ribbon over the top of the clip, around the pinch part and down the back a little ways. As I wrap, I hold the glued ribbon in place with other clips for a few minutes. Oh yeah, after all the gluing/wrapping is done, I go back and pull out the un-glued piece which I stuck inside. Then after attaching the bow, wrapping the center ribbon around the clip, I put E6000 on that strip and cover the inside and the wrapped ribbon. Now that I have re-read this, I realize it is about as clear as mud. It really is a fast and easy way, I just made it sound more complicated!
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