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Default Re: Need ideas for a special request...

Originally Posted by ldelzer View Post
I just got through making some ribbon flower bows for Easter too! I used Lynn's waterlilly directions to help make the flowers. I tucked korkers underneath it. That I made into a little clip.

Then...I made a boutique bow with spikes (matching). I put a loop of ribbon to slide the korker/flower clippie into. My thinking was that the mom can get 3 bows out of it. 1) Big, frou-frou Easter bow. 2) Korker/flower clippie, 3) Boutique bow w/ spikes.

Hope that makes sense. It's pretty stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself. Plus it feels like good value since the mom gets 3 bows for the price of 1.

We are all workin' on the same stuff!
I like the sounds of your first one (this lady doesn't want too fru fru). Do you have a photo? I forgot about the waterlily. I should try that.

I played around with ribbon tonight and I didn't like how things turned out. I am frustrated. I looked at my notes of what she wanted and realized that she also wants a black, pink, and white flower (silk flower). I don't have any black flowers. What am I going to do? Plus, I only have two days left to get ready for this huge bow party. I need to work on stocking up my inventory instead of playing around!! I am frustrated right now. I think I just might make a few things and give her a choice and hope she likes some of them!

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