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Default Re: E6000 or Hotfix for bling??

Originally Posted by njzmom View Post
I can't stand that tool. I don't know if its just me, but my stones kept sticking to the tip. It made me crazy!!! Maybe it was me though?!?!
If you hv flatbacks, go ahead use the E6000.

As for the sticking the tip bigger than the size of the crystals? My tool comes in multiple sizes.

What I do for blinging one crystal is, place the crystal directly on the bow (example, center bow), and place the tool on the crystal. I've never tried picking it up with the tool. I've read the instructions that came with mine and to me, that part, just don't make no sense.

I can't place it to long but then, it has to be long enough for the tool to pick up the crystal. By this time, my visual placement as to where the crystal supposed to be placed at will be gone POOF! disappear coz my concentration falls on make-sure-the-crystal-doesn't-fall-before-it-gets-to-the-bow. OR, I'll end up placing the tool too long that it'll end up sticking or melting the glue too much and out comes the cussing coz i've just wasted one (Never happened..just the would-be scenarios that I played in my mind when I first started last

Yes sure, I can always mark it but the less steps that can be cut down, the better. And the end result will still be the same: the bow/clippie got BLING

I always use a Size smaller tip than the Crystal. But then again, it comes back to the I-don't-use-the-tool-to-pick-up-crystal.

.....not much help, am i?...

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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