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Question Alligator Clips VS Snap Clips

Hello all. I'm not sure where to post this because I'm not really asking "How?", I'm asking "Why?" I've noticed that a big majority of you all use alligator clips, is there a particular reason? And have any of your customers complained about them? I myself do not use them. I started making bows for my dd and my niece, so I purchased french clips and snap clips. I could never get alligator clips to stay in my dd's hair, the best I can figure is because she has extremely thick hair, so I use snap clips for her bows. My sister-in-law started out preferring french clips for her dd's bows but has since moved more toward snap clips. I did notice the other day that my niece had a little bow on an alligator clip in her hair the other day...I didn't make it My sister-in-law said she purchased them at Wal-Mart before I started making bows, apparently they were pretty 6 for $3.00 But I noticed that the alligator clip kept slipping out of my nieces hair also and her hair is not nearly as thick as my dd's. So I was just wondering if you all's customers typically prefer alligator clips or if it's just what you guys use?

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