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Default Re: Stinkin' Korkers!

That is a great way too! Thank you so much!


Originally Posted by rachie2531 View Post
After baking on the dowel, Loosen the ribbon a little on the dowel and cut the length you want using a woodburner so you dont have to heat-seal at the end. Slide the cuts off the dowel and using a large needle, poke each strip through the middle. Once you have how many strips you want on your needle, make sure they are arranged how you want them and sew through the middle a couple of times. Wrap your thread around the middle a few times and tie in the back. Now you can take a look at it and if you put each one on the needle close to the same spot in the ce nter, you shouldnt have uneven ends, but if you do, just use your scissors and snip off any uneven tips and heat seal. After your finished and its attached to the clip, you can spray starch again if you want to and hang upside down to dry so it might remain a little more stiff-I dont and never have a problem.I DO NOT make korkers all the time because they are time consuming and I dont know a fast way to do them. These are just some tips I picked up along the way. Someone else may have a faster way but this was the easiest way for me so it may give you a start so you can figure out some tricks of your own and become the "Queen of Korkers" LOL! Have fun and post pics!

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