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Default Re: clippies question..

Originally Posted by njzmom View Post
I glue to the inside of the clip too. I use hot glue, and all the posts I have read on the board have indicated that hot glue is best when glueing to metal. But I have never heard of MagnaTac before. What is it?
Magna-Tac is by Beacon Adhesives, the makers of Fabri-Tac. It looks and smells like Fabri-Tac, and comes in the same type of bottle, but the ingredients are slightly different. It is recommended for fabric and, unlike Fabri-Tac, metal. I used to buy it at Fabric Place (it is not sold at my local Wal-Mart, Michaels, or A.C. Moore) but the nearest store to me just closed and I haven't figured out where their next nearest store is. You can buy it online also. I used to use Fabri-Tac to line clips but I think this is a little more durable - the Fabri-Tac would sometimes get loose on the bottom of the pinch end. I don't use hot glue at all.

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