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Default Re: clippies question..

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Hi, I line my clips the second way, just because it is faster, but I believe that the people who attach the ribbon to the middle just put a dab of hot glue or whatever they are using on the little coil that you can see in between the parts that you pinch together and push the ribbon down onto the coil before gluing the top part of the alligator clip (or bottom depending on what side you start with first).

Ladies who do this, correct me if I am wrong.
I usually line my clips like the first picture. I put a dab of glue (I use Magna-Tac) on the inside/underside of the pinch areas (the metal end where your thumb and index finger pinch to open the clip). I shove the ribbon in with my index finger and hold a second until it grabs, then continue to the underside of the clip. I wouldn't recommend putting the glue on the coil because the spring is what makes the clip open and close - I would think glue on it might eventually cause it not to work properly (no experience with this, just my opinion).

Either way of lining the clip is correct, it depends on what you prefer. I just like to have all the metal covered, and I think it helps keep the ribbon on the clip better (no risk of getting caught and pulled off, etc.). Both types of clips (i.e. single or double prong) can be done both ways, too.

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