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Default Re: Don't be jealous cuz my dad's the BOMB DIGGITY!

Alright ladies, I just had a MAJOR hot flash and I'm not even close to that age. When my dad had the guy make the new ones, he messed up a little bit on the measurements. When my dad told him to increase, he decreased. I just went downstairs to work on it with a new template he made in the second batch I'm noticing my ribbon isn't sitting in there nicely. The clips sit nicely but the ribbon is a little snug. I panicked and called my dad, he figured out quickly what happened. Once you ladies receive yours, check to see if you like how the ribbon fits. If it's too snug for your taste we'll work it out to send it back to me. He said they can be fixed. UGH, damnit, I should've checked before I sent them out but I knew how excited your ladies were to get it and my two little ones have strep plus my husband's out of town so I've been running around like crazy to the doctor's twice.....yada yada yada. I'm sorry about this and if any of you that receive it don't like the fit, PM me and we'll make arrangements to fix them. ALL of them were mailed out yesterday afternoon and this morning. Damn, damn, damn.....
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