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Default To line or not to line?

I am still fairly new to all of this and haven't sold anything and probably won't anytime soon, I'm still getting the hang of it, but I have a question, which has probably been discussed before, but, hey I'm new

I live in a small area and we don't have any stores that sell flowers or bows or anything, so I have never seen anyone else's work up close, well today we ventured out into the big 'ole city and were in a shop that sold them, so I wanted to get a close up look to kind of make sure I was doing an ok job KWIM?

Anyway, I noticed that most of the clips (the bows and flowers were on) weren't lined, they were just all metally(is that a word?) and sticking out, I always line mine, cause I thought that's how they were supposed to be?

So, here's the question: do you line your clips or not? why or why not? does it make a difference?

I'm just curious and trying to wrap my head around all this, so any insight would be great!
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