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Default Re: bottle cap help asap!

Originally Posted by juliemo View Post
What paper do you use to print them off? I can buy a diffrent kind if I need to. I have photo paper, but should I buy sticker paper???

Im so incredibly mad right now. DO NOT BUY THESE STUPID 3D CRAPPY DOMES!!!
Yeah I hear ya on the domes. I did a nice review on some. What a waste.

I use regular photo paper, glossy. I don't use sticker paper. I don't recommend it.

I print my image, let that dry a few minutes, then spray with my sealant. After that dries (like 3 minutes) I punch the image and run it through my sticker maker. I have used modge podge to adhere the images to the cap, but I prefer the sticker maker. After that, stick on the cap. If you are using modge podge, let it dry completely. Then do your resin.
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