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Default Re: A modified version of the Clip Lining Assistant

Originally Posted by MelissaTBC View Post
I am interested in 1 as well if shipping isn't too much. My zip is 30125. Can you tell me how much shipping for 1 of these would be? Also, when he cuts it down to 6", how many clip slots will that have?

I will know for sure when he makes the next one but the one I have now holds 8 (it's about 10inches long) but he's making the spacing (taller parts) in between a bit smaller (so more slots can fit) so I think the 6" will have about 6-8 slots.
Not sure on the shipping yet but that's why I'm having him make it 6" because it's not heavy since it's made out of nylon (it's like cutting board material) and I can probably fit it in a bubble mailer. I will know for sure everything when he makes the next version. I will keep you updated as I know. If you're still interested, I'll need an email address.

Originally Posted by juliaschmoolia View Post
does it hold the single prong clips too? i really only use those?? if so Ill want one.
Yes, it will work with single prong since the width of the slot is a hair bigger than 3/8 so if you're using 3/8 ribbon to cover your alligator clip it will work with single or double prong clips. If you're interested, I'll need an email since it's for a very limited time at this price.
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