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Default Re: Don't be jealous cuz my dad's the BOMB DIGGITY!

Originally Posted by lissapell View Post
hmmmm I am going to have to make a trip to homedepot and find some materials! Looks great. I see clippie covers in the background
Those clippie covers are the ones I ordered from lissapell. They're great! She made them personalized for my little ones. I'll have to post up some pictures of the ones I put together after she sent me my order. She did a nice job! I'm a dummy and just saw that it was you that posted that comment. Sorry. Just skimming while reading and didn't look at the names. Serves me right!

OK ladies - I called my dad (and asked ceamama if it was ok) but he said he can make some "extras" for anyone that would be interested. I'm trying to figure out pricing now. All the money will be going to my Tata cuz he is awesome and went above and beyond in making this. I want him to take my Mama to a nice dinner, she's gonna be 60 on Thursday!
Anyone wanna throw out some pricing? I have to call him back and ask.
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