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Default Please recommend an easy bow or flower to make

Hi ladies I am out of ideas here. I need an easy flower or bow to make for a boutique here. They buy and sell the heck out of my kanzashi fabric flowers and headbands. They need (lol I decided they need) something new. Their store is stocked full of your regular bows so I don't want it to be a regular run of the mill bow (no boutique, pinwheel, etc.). They tend to prefer on the smaller side, around 2-1/2". I was thinking about the raggie bows but I know those can be time consuming and they absolutely kill my hands cutting that material. They do like felt stuff as well. Anyways I know I'm of no help to myself lol so thought maybe you ladies had some ideas. This store buys the heck out of the new and different. They probably have 2,000 bows in this store alone and that is no exaggeration. It's insane! OH let me add I am not a good bow maker (traditional kind) whatsoever!
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