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Default Re: Completely Re-vamping my bottlecap/tile/tag templates & intructions!

Originally Posted by Amanda357 View Post
okay so I'm playing around to see how I can make the resizing issues better/easier for everyone...I think I have it down...I just have to get the instructions written for it and then I will need a tester, someone that has already purchased the tutorial (for photoshop) so they can compare the old vs new for me...
What I'm thinking of doing is setting up a yahoo group for everyone that has purchased the instructions and then that way we can communicate any issues, as well as get access to the new templates & tutorial...After thinking about it last night I realized I will definitely be giving the updated version to past customers that way we are all on the new page
let me know what you think of these images I threw together (in like 5 mins) with the new template...look alright?

The new way is SUPER SIMPLE! I have only done it in photoshop at the moment and I'm planning on moving onto GIMP later today or tomorrow
Wow you did that in 5 min.. It would take me a hour, plus a hour to find the right image. LOL
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