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Default Re: template advice needed!

Thank you i'm off to take a look at the template!

I'd love to see photos of bows made with the templates if anyone has any.

Originally Posted by bowsbymomma View Post
I use the NBNG templates mostly because of consistency in size. I never really timed myself when I didn't use the templates, but with the templates, I am super happy because my bows are all the same size. I do feel it goes faster as you are basically measuring your ribbon as you wrap. For the twisteds, what I usually do is seal the end of ribbon from the spool, wrap around the template, cut to size, seal that end, pin the middle and pull off the template. I will do about 12 at a time like this. Then I separate and form the bows and sew. I can do 12 in about an hour. I usually don't do stacked from start to finish because I feel it takes too much time to switch gears from twisteds, surround loops, spikes, etc. So I do in dozens. Hope this helps.
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