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Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
i don't starch my bows very often but when i do i use hairspray! i use herbal essence and it makes the bows smell really good! also i have never had a problem with them looking dusty or anything but maybe it is the brand they used. hairspray is not flamable once it is dry i live in east texas where it is humid then snowing then hot and they have never got sticky for me before (my sister tests them out on her daughter for me)! i have tried startch and it makes spots on my bows and a buildup looking mess, i am probably doing it wrong and would love to know a better way but for now i will stick with what i know!!

I haven't had any problems either in Louisiana. I use Aussie because it smells so good. In fact, I've had customers tell me that that's one reason they love my bows. I even tell some of my heavy repeat customers (you know, the ones who have tons of my bows?) that they can spritz their bows with water and "fluff" em back up with a little Aussie spritz after they get it reshaped. One of my best customer's sends her little girl to daycare in a bow everyday. She gets filthy, so her mom washes her bows on delicate in the the washer or hand washes them. So I've shown her how to shape them back up. Bows are an investment in my opinion, so customers need to know how to take care of 'em.
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