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Default Re: My glue gun just had a melt down. Literally.

Originally Posted by pixiesandpolkadots View Post
Nope, the glue gun was high temp, with high temp sticks (it was actually a partially used one, that I didn't have a problem with in the morning). Maybe it was a defective glue stick?

Gosh, that stinks about the bows and wood burner....speaking of wood burners, anyone suggest one? Is there a "speacial" type to get? I've been thinking of getting one because it feels like I've been cutting a gazillion pieces of ribbon lately, and sealing them with a lighter... a wood burner would probably help speed up my process.
Originally Posted by tealove4 View Post
I have a 2 temp Ad Tech gun from Wal-mart. I think it's about to give up on me so I really need to get another one. Mine oozes glue out the tip. I sit it down and when I pick it up to glue something there is a glob of glue under the tip.

I need to get a wood burner too. Seems like they would save a lot of time, but I have NO idea what kind to get.
I get mine at HL, they are $8ish dollars with a coupon

Our walmart used to sell them too, but since they downsized their craft section I havent seen them there. I imagine they would sell them at joanns and michaels too, but I do not go to those stores as often just because they are more than an hour away

I get the ones that have the tips like a flat head screw driver, but it is at an agle, lets see if I can find one online.....

I guess they sell them at home depot too I use the head like the one on the burner in the image. I had looked at lowes just because it was a sunday and HL was closed, but all they had was a tip that didnt have the angle to it, so I didn't get that one. HTH!

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